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Rena Technical Services Co.

Rena company in 1957 with an initial investment of ten million rials for an indefinite period began. The main activity at the beginning of trucks and agricultural machinery. After the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution, under the Ministry of Heavy Industries Company was Rana but in 1983 the activity of the company was transferred to the Department of Commerce as a proxy. In 1991 , the two ministries agreed, for the second time under the Ministry of Industries and Mines Inc. Rena Iran.
manufacturing, parts supply and distribution within the country became. 1997 years of the company, the company name was changed Rena Rena Technical Services Co., and in 2000 , under contract No. 3106/79 to 100% of its stake in Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran, Saipa Diesel was transferred to.
Saipadiesel Company to purchase Rena Technical Services provide services to the company's products. We Rena Technical Services Company with the mission of providing maintenance services and provide spare parts for the car company Saipadiesel guarantee and warranty period is up.The company is also responsible for all procurement and distribution of spare parts required are under warranty and warranty for products Saipadiesel.
Rena Technical Services Company with Saipadiesel companies, Volvo of Sweden, Renault of France, and DongFeng Yutang from China to communicate and collaborate with them as partners in Iran.Customers, the company produced vehicles of all natural and legal owners of the applicant Saipadiesel provide repair parts or service are presented.
identify and describe the way the organization will move towards excellence. In 2006 the company received Rena quality management standard ISO9001: 2004 and 2008 in 2009 to retain the certificate version of the company's tuff to be rolled. Also in 2007 , in line with the requirements of environmental protection and the importance of environmental law, the Company obtained the ISO14000 quality management standards of tuff were rolling. Human Resources and Skills Development and to promote personal, educational standard ISO10015 in 2010 and the complaints process in 2011 in order to improve the standard of the company IMQ's ISO10002 customer complaints received. And since all of these systems has been reinstated.