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 Saipa Diesel Company, in line with the increase of satisfaction and trust of each of the company's interested parties, declares the highlights of its agenda as follows:


Realization and fulfillment of demands, needs and obligations the customer impose on the company for the purpose of enhancing their satisfaction and achieving contentment


1- Maximizing profit and value of the shares.

2- Employing up-to-date technology and the proper utilization of infrastructures, raw material and energy for further efficacy of investment

3- Managing information and knowledge, and meeting the demands of the requirements of the system, and continual betterment of its effectiveness so as to promote the productivity and satisfaction of shareholders


1- Developing the knowledge and merits of employees on individual, organizational and group level for the enhancement of productivity of the human resources

2- Establishing safe and suitable working conditions, and observation of justice and impartiality in all levels, and expansion of human resources.

Suppliers :

Promoting individual participation and support of suppliers for the purpose of achieving added value in the supply chain


1- Observing all organizational, governmental and international rules and regulations relevant to the business of the organization, and participating in intra-national and international projects.

2- Observing the rights of the present generation and the posterity and focusing on social responsibilities, and green expansion through decreasing the environmental pollutants, and optimization of resource consumption in the organization's products and processes

The organization leaders, through support and assistance of all employees for the sake of determining and reviewing the objectives within the framework of the afore-mentioned agenda and supplying the required resources, affirm their commitment to the realization of the above-mentioned issues; trusting that Saipa Diesel can and may play its part, however feeble and scanty, in the promotion of the country's automotive industry through establishing and preserving management systems, continual improvement of processes and the pursuit of excellence.