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Volvo Trucks


The first Volvo truck rolled off Volvo Truck Company 81 years ago back in 1928. Acquiring 100% of Mack Trucks and Renault Trucks' shares, and offering its products in more than 130 countries through 1000 dealership, Volvo Trucks today ranks as the second largest heavy truck producer across the globe. In 2007, Volvo Trucks sold a total number of 100,109 units of various types of trucks throughout the world, out of which 59,465 units were sold in Europe, 16,692 units in North America, 10,166 units in South America, 9,002 units in Asia and 4,784 units in other markets. It means that out of the whole sales volume, the company sold 59% of its products in Europe, 17%in North America, 10% in South America, 9% in Asia, and 5% in other markets. The year 2008 witnessed one of the most prosperous years for Volvo trucks. In the history of the company. High customer satisfaction, stabilized position in international markets and competitive product range marked the year 2008 for Volvo Trucks. The company introduced new heavy Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, and Volvo FM models to the market. However, the world recession resulted in a slump in the company's order in the second half of 2008. In 2008, Volvo Trucks sold a Total number of 105,952 units, across the globe .The company sold 41,025 & 17,162 units in western & Eastern Europe, respectively .while North American market with 15,887 units witnessed a small decline the company selling 12,890 units in South America boosted relatively. Asian market was marked with a remarkable raise; the company selling 13.440 units there finally, the company sold 5,548 units in other markets. Saipa Diesel, the largest partner of Volvo Trucks in the region, commenced its cooperation with the company since 1984, producing F12 & NL12 series. Today ,Saipa Diesel offers a full range of modern state-of-the-art Volvo FH & FM series conforming to the latest European standards, thus paving the way for the Iranian international truck fleet to run on European roads for years to come.

Technology Transference

The objectives of technology transference, significant contractual features, and relative advantages of new products may be enumerated as bellow:

  • Volvo F12 trucks non-conformity with European environmental standards
  • Stoppage of production of Volvo F12 & NL12 trucks Renovation of domestic transportation fleet in heavy truck section emphasizing on transit trucks -Diversification of products Products' advantages and significant contractual features
  • Unique safety and comfort of products -Pare down of fuel consumption
  • Conformity with Euro environmental standards
  • Volvo Trucks Commitment to technical support and technological cooperation
  • Granting by Volvo Trucks to Saipa Diesel the exclusive right as the sole importer and distributor of Volvo Trucks products
  • Granting by Volvo Trucks to Saipa Diesel the exclusive right to manufacture Volvo Trucks products
  • Granting by Volvo Trucks to Saipa Diesel the exclusive right to offer after
  • sales services for Volvo Trucks products
  • Irrevocable investment of $ m12 by Volvo Trucks
  • Training Saipa Diesel's staff by Volvo Trucks' technicians