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FOTON Foton Company was established in 1996. In 1998, the company succeeded to be listed in Shanghay stcok market. The international cooperation and overseas marketing operation of the company began in 2002. On September 9, 2003 a cooperation agreement between Foton and the renowned company Daimler Christler was concluded. This cooperation was the symbol of successful development in strategic cooperation between the two companies. In 2004, the company achieved the best ever production volume and succeeded to become the second largest company in China as far as the sales volume is concerned. The sales volume of foton during the last 13 years amounted to2.000.000 units of different types of automobiles, which is a unique record in the history of china's auto industry. 35_tonne trucks, light duty passenger cars, suv, pick ups, large and medium scale passenger cars in the commercial vehicles and multi functional vehicles all include the product range of the company. The company sold a total number of 409.563 units of different types of vehicles in 2008. The number of the company's employees amounts to 29 thousand people out of which 2528 people are involved in research and development department. The company's products' brands are as follows: AUMAN, OLLIN, SUP, FORLAND, VIEW, SURF, AUV Foton company exports its products to over 46 coutries around the world. To name only a few, we can refer to GCC, CIS, African markets, central & north America, south eastern markets, etc. It is to be noted that Foton overseas sales amounted to 15000 units.