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Dong Feng

 Dong Feng Motor Corportion, originally branded Second Automotive Works Co., was founded in 1969. DFM is now cinsidered as one of the three major auto producers in China. The company's activities focus on passenger cars, comercial vehicles, vehicles' engines, parts, conponents and equipment. During 40 years of activities, DFM has developed manufacturing facilities, R&D and a nation-wide nework of sales and after-sales services. The main facilities of DFM are located in Shiyan, Xiangfanf, Wuhan, and Guanzhou. In 2007, DFM sold a total number of 1,137,000 units of differnt types of products, and its sales figure amounted to Y164,800,000,000. The domestic market share of the company in 2007 reached to 12.94%. The total number of DFM's staff in this year was registered at 121,000 people. DFM ranks the 20th among the top 500 domestic enterperises, and out of 500 top vehicle manufacturers of China, DFM ranks the fifth. In 2007, DFM was the undisputed domestic market leader in medium and heavy commercial vehicles, and heavy buses sections. Moreover, in light commercial vehicles, and passenger cars sections the company ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Simultaneous with the development of automotive industry in the world, DFM has illustraited its position in international markets as an open world-oriented centennial DFM, with the capability of independent development and sustained growth. Becoming number one in China's auto industry, sustaining development, and meeting the satisfaction of its shareholders, customers, employees, and the whole society is DFM's ambition. At present, achieving a remarkable growth, and caling all its capabilities into service, the company tries its utmost to contribute to the growth and development of auto industry in China.