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     Saipa Diesel has launched The new generation of Foton M4 light truck which will be manufactured in two models. 6 & 8.5 ton models were being shown in full at three internal road transportation Expo., which were the center of attention at all shown.

Saipa Diesel customers and drivers interest were interfered in the development of the new Foton generation from beginning, so that their requirements could consistently be made part of the new vehicle. The result being individual models with a ground breaking design that offers improved fuel efficiency, safety and unrivaled levels of space and comfort.

The upgraded technical specification of Foton M4 in comparison with M3 type can be listed as 7.5 ton GVW, Euro V+ EEV emission level, more engine power in same R/Min., more engine torque, SCR system, braking system equipped with EBS+ESC+ABES, bigger tire size (17.5"), improved propeller shaft belt, increased capacity of front and rear axles (2000 & 5000 Kg), increased differential ratio (4.33), central lock & remote control, CAN system for synchronizing different ECUs, front disc brake, new design of seats, laminated windshield & side windows, adjustable headlights, control keys on steering, cruise control, power window, air deflectors.

Backside camera, multimedia, electric back mirror, recognition radars and GPS are optional equipment which will be added to product in the future as standard equipment. In order to be receive more details for export issues including technical specification, schematic drawing, pictures, and deli very terms;

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